Highland week venue


Highland Week of International Curling was first competed for in 1967 at the seven sheet ice rink in Aviemore. It started as a fun bonspiel brining together curlers from around the world to compete in Aviemore. The 1967 event was set up as a trial but proved to be so successful it has run ever since.
This was the home of the event from its' inception through until 1999, when following the closure of the Aviemore Rink it moved to the five sheet rink at Inverness Ice Centre. The Week has been competed for there since the year 2000.
The early competitions hosted up to 64 teams playing over the week, with games running from early morning through to the evening. Participants stayed in three different hotels in Aviemore village, The Badenoch, The Strathspey and The Post House.
Parties were held in the rooms of all the hotels with the curlers making visits to them all. A 'Curlers Court' was also held each year.
In these early years of the competition there were hostesses who looked after the participants and gave information on the local area and on places to visit. Two of these were Sandra South and Shirley Campbell, both of whom went on to become very active members of the Highland Week Committee.
In 2016 we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the competition and welcomed 46 teams who participated in a slightly extended competition over a 7 day programme.

Since 2010 participants have being staying within the Kingsmills Hotel in Inverness, the hotel offers excellent facilities and strives to look after the curlers every need.

Highland curling sponsors


Highland Week of International Curling has attracted a number of sponsors throughout the years:
1967 to 1976 - Johnnie Walker

1980 to 1986 - Weatherseal

1987 to 1992 - Glenfarclas (Who also
organised the Event)

1993 to 1995 - Baird's Malt

1996 to Present - Glenfarclas

For many years the event has also been sponsored by the Highland Council and by Macallan.

Highland week

The Event

The Highland Week of International Curling is competed for over 6 days of curling, Teams are divided into Sections of 8 or 10 and will play three games in Rounds 1 & 2 in a Schenkel System. Following this you then enter and compete in either:
High Road - Glenfarclas Silver Quaich

Middle Road - Alan Johnston Trophy

Low Road - Consolation Bonspiel

Rankings are decided upon points first, ends won, shots up, ends against and shots scored.
There are also prizes for the Highest Ranked Ladies Team and Mixed Team

Jack Dingle team

This is Jack Dingle in a Canadian rink, in an early Highland Week held in Aviemore

Dingle family

and during the prize giving for the 50th Anniversary with his Daughter (Cheryl) Niece (Lori) and Sister (Dot). 

Highland week

The Highland Week of International Curling is competed for over 6 days of curling,  

Some Images from the late 1960's early 1970's

Glenfarclas Silver Quaich

1967 - Bob Christie (Scotland)

1968 - Bob Christie (Scotland)

1969 - Elsie MacKenzie (Canada)

1970 - Gib Booth (Canada)

1971 - Chet Randall (Canada)

1972 - Bengt Cederwall (Sweden)

1973 - Bengt Cederwall (Sweden)

1974 - Garry Hanson (Canada)

1975 - Gerry Edwardson (Canada)

1976 - Don Scheidegger (Canada)

1977 - Garry Hanson (Canada)

1978 - Gerry Kasdorf (Canada)

1979 - Thomas Hellstrom (Sweden)

1980 - Bob Fortune (Canada)

1981 - Hammy McMillan (Scotland)

1982 - Bob Fortune (Canada)

1983 - Allan Cameron (Scotland)

1984 - Charlie Binnie (Scotland)

1985 - Rudi Pichler (Switzerland)

1986 - Bob Fortune (Canada)

1987 - Jim Nodwell (Canada)

1988 - Jim Nodwell (Canada)

1989 - Ueli Joehr (Switzerland)

1990 - Garry Merrett (Canada)

1991 - Garry Merrett (Canada)

1992 - Jack Kennedy (Scotland)

1993 - Stewart Bennett (Canada)

1994 - Stewart Bennett (Canada)

1995 - Graham Kerr (Scotland)

1996 - Lockhart Steele (Scotland)

1997 - Hector Williams (Scotland)

1998 - Lockhart Steele (Scotland)

1999 - Lockhart Steele (Scotland)

2000 - Lockhart Steele (Scotland)

2001 - Phil Staddon (Scotland)

2002 - True Ekholm (Sweden)

2003 - Sandy Davidson (Scotland)

2004 - Res Riggenbach (Switzerland)

2005 - Peter Fraser (Scotland)

2006 - Peter Fraser (Scotland)

2007 - Merlin Orvik (U.S.A.)

2008 - Marc Strasser (Switzerland)

2009 - Gavin Nicol (Scotland)

2010 - Sandy Anderson (Scotland)

2011 - Sandy Reid (Scotland)

2012 - Merlin Orvik (U.S.A.)

2013 - Merlin Orvik (U.S.A.)

2014 - Jurg Denecke (Switzerland)

2015 - Adrian Helbling (Switzerland)

2016 - Craig Hamilton (Scotland)

2017 - Craig Hamilton (Scotland)

2018 - Andreas Flammer (Switzerland)

2019 - Andreas Flammer (Switzerland)